Equinox: Fall 2011

Autumn officially began last Friday, and we're already two albums deep.

The first comes from Brooklyn hip hop group Illegalize, who just spent 4 days on their debut.  Before the full-band tracking sessions, we spent an entire day getting some of the fattest drum sounds this side of the East River.  That's dedication to tone.  

One highlight was reamping a mic through our pedalboard, into a Fender Deluxe Reverb in the iso, and micing it--live.

This week, Matteah Baim is in the studio tracking a wonderfully ethereal full-length.

Just finished tracking clarinet, oboe, and english horn, with strings still to come tomorrow.  Here's a cut from Matteah's last album:

2-time Grammy-nominee Eric Gorman is set to mix these two projects.  Check back for updates soon.